Speed Test Module 2.0
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 (08:51:13)

Posted by Devon

Here is a speed test that will allow you to easily understand what level of service or disservice your ISP is providing you.

TCD Speed Test Module
Tired of seeing speed tests that always give you the results in megabits? Well if you use the TCD Speed Test module it will not only give you a breakdown of your score but it will also convert it to every file format for you to easily understand in a nice graphical layout.

The reason I decided to output the scores in a variety of formats is because Megabits is very misleading and purposefully used by ISP's to make the general public think they are receiving more than they actually are. Everyone is familiar with Kilobytes and Megabytes so advertising speeds as 2Mb makes the public believe they are receiving very good speeds (as in 2 Megabytes) when in fact they are receiving 256KB. Megabits has no real world usage other than in advertising.

If you want to know what your speeds are without having to do your own conversions (in your head, on a calculator, or through a website) then use the TCD Speed Test. TCD Speed Test is a free service.

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